Residential Moving Services

Many of life’s milestones involve an interstate move—accepting a new job or post, relocating to be near family, or retiring to a different climate. While exciting, these adventures can also be stressful. That’s why you want Anthem Moving Services on your side. Your personal moving coordinator is dedicated to ensuring that your move goes smoothly and that your belongings are treated with care every step of your relocation. Your coordinator is available seven days a week to answer questions, confirm details, and help check off the many to-dos to get you from here to there.

Temporary Storage

With long-distance moves, it’s not uncommon to have changes in the timetable—particularly when closing on a real estate transaction at the origin, destination, or both. When these calendar discrepancies occur, we can help by arranging short-term moving storage at a facility near the origin or destination, and then rescheduling the delivery of your belongings when everything is settled.

Packing Services


An interstate move puts your belongings at greater risk simply because of more time on the road. It’s always recommended that experienced professionals handle the wrapping and packing of household or office contents for a long-distance move—especially valuables, sentimental items, and sensitive equipment. With Anthem Moving Services, you can choose full packing services or give us a list of the items that need our special care.


After a long trip, the chore of unpacking can be exhausting to even think about. That’s why many people are relieved to know that we offer unpacking services. The moving team can arrange the furniture, put your belongings in place, and remove all the packing material and boxes, allowing you to relax in your new home.

24/7 Customer Service


Our relocation assistants are available to assist with your long distance move requirements and provide moving quotes seven days a week.

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